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good evening everyone. >> we have breaking news out of the south bay. san jose firefighters are battling a three-alarm fire in a six unit apartment complex on willow leaf drive west of the willow glen neighborhood. the san jose fire department says that a fire captain was hurt when the roof collapsed. being taken to the hospital. the fire is still burning in the top two units and four of the six units have fire or water damage. we have a crew on the way and almost there and we will bring you live coverage later in the newscast. happening now at news chapter 2. opened their doors for shoppers for black friday. look at the line of cars. that is 580 in liver moore. they take the off ramp and then go to the mall. the outlet is new and getting
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huge crowds. also el petis opened up. jana katsuyama has the coverage. how many people out there. >> reporter: there were several hundred waiting to get in and take a look inside. it looks like a saturday afternoon. a lot of people here. obviously happy to spend their thanksgiving evening pushing around a shopping cart. they are not the only stores that are open early for black friday. at 9:00 sharp the die heart deal seekers went to the target store. black friday specials coming three hours earlier this year. at toys are us, there were deals at 8:00 p.m. >> we like the toys and markers
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and stuff like that. >> there is a train set we want for my kids. >> thanksgiving day is becoming a bargain hunter's holiday, sears opened its doors, people in oakland lining up at 4:30 to get fifty inch televisions for $300. in dublin there were lines and people hoping to get laptops for $180 and that is men recognized each other from last year. >> we said we will set up our tents and try to get deals. >> we have coffee and tea and everything. >> according to the national retail federation, stores depend on holiday sales for 25 to 40% of their annual revenue. spending is expected to be up 4.1% this year and some shoppers say they like the convenience of the longer hours. >> it adds an extra day and it helps out. >> i think i like to it have it
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on thanksgiving so now i can plan more. after this i need to go to the other malls and then tomorrow i need to plan for costco. target and many other stores are staying open tonight through friday evening and judging by how full some of the shopping carts are coming out, it cob that the stores are seeing chaos from earlier. jana katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. a mixup at sears in downtown had shoppers mad. an employee told those lined up at the front entrance that the limited door buster tickets were given out on the other side of thening. a sign was posted but shoppers complained it was difficult to read. it was for the later four a.m.
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opening. there was tense moments at this k-mart store in south sacramento had the doors opened six a.m. one shopper threatened to stab others for pushing his family. shoppers lined up at two, many say there should be more security. no other incidents were report. >> the retail experts say online shopping may hurt black friday turnout. a new report by a dobe is predicting that cyber sales will go up 18% and hit two billion dollars that day. this as more and more traditional brick and mortar stores are putting deals online. >> brick and mortar stores are making it less chaotic. you might have a good deal if you had a football helmet and pads and some shoppers are turned off by that. >> amazon and other stores have
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begun onlike black friday pricing. between black friday and cyber monday, retailers are looking for people to do their shopping on what is called small business saturday. american express started the effort in 2010 to support small businesses. the effort won high profile endorsements from president obama and others. american express says over 100 million people shopped locally during last year's small business saturday. >> and just as all of those shoppers flocked to stores for door busters, walmart stores across the nation are preparing to walk out the door and go on strike. amberly is outside of a walmart where workers demonstrating. >> reporter: 20 minutes ago, we saw two dozen protesters walk inside this walmart store as part of the demonstration, they started to gather around 8:00 as part of a protest by
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unhappy walmart workers and supporters. community and union activists joined the employees in protesting against the retailer, they want walmart to pay better wages. >> they don't listen to us or recognize us. we are forced to do this. >> reporter: workers say they want better working conditions. dominic wear says his job is pulling grocery carts together 10 to 15 at a time. >> it is wear and tear on my back. i will like to see more materials that we need to get the job done. back braces and shoe supports. >> protesters handed out flyers and asked shoppers for support. >> what do you think about this. >> i think they are paid to do a job and if they want more, get a different job. >> if they walk out, i'm not going to shop until they settle with them. >> tonight managers at this walmart declined to speak with me on camera about the labor protest. but did tell me the store has hired 40 additional people to monitor the store and parking lot tonight and tomorrow for safety reasons. they say they have asked the
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protesters to leave saying they are blocking the store entrance so shoppers have to walk around the vehicles to get around. >> aren't you afraid they can fire. >> new york new york -- no, i am not afraid of getting fired but i am afraid for others. >> there will be similar protests across the country and it appears that this one has handed for the night. amberly, ktvu channel 2 news. in san francisco the salvation army worked all day today to bring thanksgiving homes to thousands of home bound people. the chef in charge of the operation says it was a lot of love and hard work to make the turkeys and yams and dressings and the rest of the fixings. volunteers brought the food to people that couldn't leave their homes. in all the salvation army says it expects to deliver meals to
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5000 people. coming up in ten minutes, two other massive efforts to make sure they get hot meals. firefighters are investigating a fire that damaged a beauty shop. firefighters say they believe it is suspicious after talking to a security guard with who was on duty at the time. there was a fire back. it was around the mid time of september. not sure on the exact cause. the shop was vacant at the time. no one was injured. we have an update on the shooting we told you about last night that closed down an oakland free way. around 8:30 two cars entered westbound i80 at edwards and shot at each other. within minutes people abandoned each other. the police closed down the
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freeways and searched for evidence, a 16-year-old boy was found on city streets nearby, police thinks he may have been an occupant of one of the cars. no one was hit by the gunfire. an hour after that shooting there was another one in east oakland that claimed theline life of a 33-year-old man. they found him laying on hilton street near seminary avenue. pronounced dead at the scene. the coroner later identified him as hosea estrada. he may have been on hiway home. whoever shot him may have stolen his car. his death is the 110th home side -- homicide of the year. snatch and grab car break- ins. residents awoke this morning to find smashed car windows and all of the glass littering the curb and the 1800 block of lake
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shore. as you can see the dash ripped apart in that suv and all five vehicles were hit and so far police have not made any arrests. well, from car burglaries to home burglaries, the one action men to protect people when they travel that may be attract criminals. a stretch of ocean beach in san francisco is close to the public because of a sewage spill. david stevenson was there to check on the problem and saw people ignoring the skies. a warm day in san francisco brought hundreds to ocean beach and many were greeted by barricades on balboa street and the great highway. heavy rains tuesday and wednesday morning overwhelmed the sewer main here. >> that system is protected but can be overwhelmed if you get a lot of rainwater.
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the runoff was about only about 10% sewage and the rest was rainwater. >> it flowed from a manhole to the beach promenade and to the sand. crews worked until 8:00 wednesday to pump out the water. sand tainted by sue and must be dried before taken away and in the meantime the beach is closed. >> doing water quality testing in the water and once the levels come back appropriate for body contact, they will put the advisory on that section of the beach. >> we found people ignored the warnings and taking their pets for a stroll through the sand. >> he will be okay. mother nature has a way of cleaning herself up real good. >> i don't like it, it is ugly. >> the neighbors on the barricades called it an eye sore. >> they could do a better job of setting it up and not closing it up. it is not that big of a deal. >> the san francisco public utilities commission wants three consecutive days of good water quality test results before it will reopen the
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beach. that means the stretch of sand is likely to remain closed through the weekend. david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. the chp makes a dui arrest after apparent hit-and-run accident. temperatures in the upper 30s and we could have dense fog tomorrow morning. fire crews expected to be on the scene of this fire at a california power plant for days. the possible impact on the power supply. thankful for life, you know and the joy and the happiness with everybody that you bring.
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the california highway patrol with a zero policy on drivers under the influence. jana katsuyama was out tonight and saw evidence of what can go wrong. joins us live from oakland, john. >> reporter: this is southbound 880 where people are headed home after a big feast with friends and family but the dark side of the holiday season is that many people drink too much and then get behind the wheel. >> the highway patrol is circulating around the bay area searching for drunk drivers during a maximum enforcement period. >> most officers look for collision factors, speed unsafe turning movements. officers tested this driver
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for intoxication and then arrested him after they say he smashed into a broken down car that had two babies inside. >> this gentleman didn't have any knowledge of being involved in a collision. >> that was only the beginning. the truck sustained major damage including losing the right wheel and investigators say he drove off without stopping. alcohol and drugs really do a number on people's level of impairment and often times they don't realize they have been involved in incidents such as this. >> officers say the babies and the father suffered minor injuries. a second team develop along 880 after one car ran out of gas and rear ended. open firefighters responded and no one needed medical treatment. on these holidays, firefighters see tragic results of dui crashes. >> the forces of play in any motor vehicle accident is
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beyond comprehension. people are thrown great distances and a lot of energy involved. and the injuries are serious. if not, fatal, statistics show in 2010 more than ten thousand americans were killed in drunk-driving crashes and even now an average of 28 people are kill every day. live in oakland. investigators are looking into the cause of this five car pile up. one person injured. the driver did manage to get out on his own. muni equipment is being blamed for an underground explosion. it happened in san francisco at 5:00. pg and e crews were call but a spokesperson says the equipment that caused the blast actually belongs to muni. a spokesperson says that they are still investigating the
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exact cause. a huge fire has been burning in a fire plant in orville and authorities say it will probably burn for several more days. the fire started in the control room this morning on feather river down stream from the orvil dam and affecting the four stories. the california department of water resources operating the plant and says right now it is not producing any power but even so, no power outages or water short ands are expected. one man out at those black friday sales but he wasn't shopping. he was congressman eric wallen that defeat the long time congressman pete stark earlier. he returned to where his campaign started last evening. >> this is where the voters are and they elected me and sent me to congress and i thought it would be a nice gesture to come back and thank them and ask what they would like to see from me in the coming two years. he would like to get a
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position on the house transportation committee. churches all over the bay area opened their doors to feed thousands of people in need as many of a third of the people survive on one hundred dollars or less a month. we show you what it was like at two well-known churches in san francisco. every year at saint anthony's new faces and those of families that come back year after year. >> we love the food. it is clean. >> this family have been coming to saint anthony's for 7 years. >> we also live in traditional housing. it is hard to meet the food bills. we are always short. >> saint anthony's will serve 4000 meals on this day. the need has increased despite improving economy. our folks just back in 2008 felt the recession first.
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they'll feel the effects of coming out of it the last. saint anthony's has been providing thanksgiving dinner for 63 years. and a few blocks away at clyde, the reverend williams has been feeding families for 50 years. >> the homeless and the poor and the people that are destitude get their needs meant at least several days of the year. >> they served several meals. reverend williams says it is important to give during the holidays. they need people's time all year. >> that's why the volunteers help. don't come on thanksgiving and christmas but come during the week of every year. >> of course the thanksgiving meals served today at saint anthony's special but in another sense another meal because the lines will be formed here tomorrow as they are every day of the year.
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in san francisco, ken prichard, ktvu, channel 2 news. and has a list of charities that need your help this holiday season. look under hot topics on our home page. a beautiful thanksgiving across the entire bay area but with the clear skies right now, temperatures dropping off rapidly and here is the current numbers, napa and san francisco and mountain view in the 50s. the bigger perspective. the storm track heading to the north. picking up a few high clouds as we head into your friday. also with the recent rain, notice we have moisture on the ground and with clear skies overnight and temperatures drop off and reaching the dew point and as a result fog is forming. santa rosa reporting fog and targeting the inland valleys. off to a cold start tomorrow
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morning, 30s and 40s and completely different story for the afternoon, hitting the 70- degree mark by mid-afternoon friday. thousands of people earned their right to eat an extra slice of pie following a thanksgiving run in san jose. the 8th annual silicon turkey trot drew 25,000 people today and serious runners and others that took part in the contest including this woman dressed as leftovers. proceeds from the event benefited the harvest food bank and the children's health initiative. organizers hope to raise one million dollars and collect canned goods. an earth shaking discovery. they will rewrite the book kind of discoveries if we see what we hope to find. why scientists are promising something history in san francisco but not until
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next month. giving thanks after losing almost everything, how a community devastated by superstorm sandy is coming together this holiday. grateful for great friends and family and taking an
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amazing vacation on thanksgiving. news chopper 2 over the paragon outlets. opened the doors 30 minutes ago. we showed you a picture of this a couple minutes ago and it was crowded but not this crowded. you can see even more cars there on interstate 580 and taken the off ramp to the mall and folks trying to get good deals. the helicopter pans over there. the line just keeps going and going and going. it is going to take some of these folk forever just to get to the parking lot. again, it looks like it will be
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a long night but hopefully they will get great deals and worth it. happening at the new paragon outlets popular since they opened in liver more. >> nasa scieientists say it is discovery that will change the book on mars. the rover made the discovery and john faller says what it may have found and why the announcement has been delayed. after spacecraft's nail biting landing curiosity scientist will make the history discovery. >> it was a great teaser, the worth earth shaking was used. >> space analyst buddy nelson is not involved with the mission but points out that nasa designed curiosity to find organic molecules with a
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scooper and anna lieser. >> it will rewrite the book if we find what we think. >> curiosity discovered that water flowed in the crater where it landed and others suggest that liquid water may exist and on earth where there's water and organic molecules there is life, could curiosity have discovered life. >> the only life that could have detected something that walked in front of the camera. >> the rover didn't confirm the presence of life. scientists reveal the details in would weeks is planned. john faller, ktvu, channel 2 news. on thanksgiving it is customary to take stock of what we are thankful for and we asked people in the bay area what they are grateful for. >> i am grateful for my studies. >> the beautiful city and the
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ocean, pretty, pretty darn lucky. >> my daughter was diagnosed over a year ago with new ological disease but this year my daughter is still here and 17 years old and a 4.0 student and i am so happy and proud. definitely something to be travel for. on the east coast many survivors of superstorm sandy are thankful for the help they have been receiving. and in queens, the first congregational church fed a thousand people. usually they prepare meals for half that many people and this year they prepared the meals using generators since it does not have electricity. >> i thank god and the people that came together. with the storm everybody became a family. many of those seeking help at the church left with a full stomach but feeling optimistic
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that will community support they can pull through the difficult time. 49 years ago today was a horrific day in the country, the day that president john f. kennedy was assassinated. he was riding in a motorcade in dallas and shot and died at park land hospital nearby. the nation was in shock, leave harvey oswald was arrested and days later he was shot and killed. there have been numerous conspiracy theories but no proof that anybody besides oswald was responsible. warnings for cautious homeowners, the information that is tipping off people. giving back to the less fortunate, how her past gives her a real appreciation for what they are going through. most definitely thankful for our family and my son.
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closed captioning brought to you by mancini's sleep world, save one thousand dollars on a
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mattress set. more now on the breaking news that we told you about at the top of the newscast. a three-alarm fire burning in san jose. we have late information. >> reporter: the fire went to three alarms two hours ago and now in the mop up phase. here to tell us about it, patrick brown, san jose fire. we had flames shooting through the roof. >> yes, there was a fire in the attic of two of the town homes behind us. a 6 unit building so two of the units were involved in the attic. we do have extensive water damage to the lower units and extensive fire damage to the top two units and a roof collapse up there. unfortunately firefighters doing an interior attack and
10:33 pm
the captain did have the roof partially collapse onto him so he is transported to a local hospital and it sounds like he has moderate injuries, we are hoping everything will be okay. sounds like he might be treat the and released tonight. >> reporter: i was told that residents were not aware that there was a fire and someone knocked on the door to tell them. >> yes, the residents were inside and some other residents said there was a fire in the attic up there. they all got out safely at this time. unfortunately they did have a cat inside of the structure and we haven't been able to locate that yet. >> thinking a chimney fire. >> it is possible, something to do. we have our cause investigation on the scene and things are looking more that way but we need to do a full investigation. how many people are displaced from their homes right now. >> only able to account for ten of them.
10:34 pm
we do have three different units to get a final count. we have 6 units to be displaced here. we know that there will be more than that. that is what we have confirmed right now. still searching the scenes and occupants in the area and searching through the crowds. >> no evacuations. >> just from the building. the building of origin. everybody else is allowed to go back in the structures and in the residents. captain, thanks. this is called the kimberly woods complex and town homes and made available for rental. we are talking about six units, two of them severely burned in the fire. others suffering smoke and water damage and uninhabitable. the red cross has been call to help. channel 2 news. walnut creek police says that a tool meant to protect newspaper subscribers could be doing the opposite.
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we learned about sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. >> reporter: no secret how burglars try to find out who is home. we spotted newspaper at front and one of the reasons that people have stopped delivery of the paper when they are gone. >> i have gone online and done the vacation hold and it works, and sometimes not. >> criminals might have vacation records and could be using that to target homes. >> i had thought that have, the same with the meal -- mail, it broadcasts will you be gone and they know the start and end dates. >> do you have any idea how crooks are getting their hands on information. >> i don't. >> walnut creek police got the warning from other law enforcement agencies and they are looking into the issue but investigators have seen this kind of crime before. they say there's an easy
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alternative to putting a vacation on your newspaper subscriptions. >> get a neighbor to help. >> we could not reach anyone with the costa times or the bay area news group. the o'brians rely on a neighborhood. >> that way it is in the house and safe. >> despite concerns police say using common sense is your best bet by turning on lights and not leaving garbage cans when you are away. concord police have arrested a suspect car thief after a high-speed chase. officers spotted the man pumping gas in a 1967 mustang that was reported stolen. he led police on a chase that ended when the driver hit another car. 20-year-old nicholson is charged with evading arrest. 8 teenagers are being
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honored, five saved residents from a fire. the officers went into the burning apartment complex in may to get people out, 19 people displaced but no one was hurt. two martinez officers were honored for safing a heart attack victim and another for rescuing a man being beaten. the doors to san francisco's annual car show opened to the public. one of the popular attractions was the free rides and driving -- free rides that drivers could get of the sign which is a lower priced toyota. people were waiting in lines to test the higher priced car and we asked how important gas mileage is in picking a new car. >> it seems like gas is more expensive. it is not number one but factors into it. >> i am infuriated that little cars can get better mileage on premium gas. that kills you in your pocketbook. >> in our survey drivers are
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looking for size, utility and, of course, price. a restaurant in richmond was packed on this thanksgiving but not with paying customers. ktvu's ann rubin explains what the owner did to give back because she knows what it is like to be down our luck. >> today this restaurant was filled with the less fortunate and met with hors douevrses. >> i was homeless in 1984. >> and it was the generosity of others that helped her. she begin as a hostess and now the owner. >> so god has been good with me. i am blessed and want to give back. >> so for thanksgiving she arranged transportation from shelters and the best food and service she can provide.
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>> you are not at the mission and stuck with a lot people and sitting on the curb. it is not just like going into another line and you know everybody trying to get what they can get. this was actually with dignity. >> for many a welcome feeling after a tough year. >> it means a lot to us that we have this opportunity to come here and spend thanksgiving together because otherwise it would be safe and a hard thanksgiving to get through. >> in addition to free five star service, each guest got a gift bag too. the owner says she is thankful to give back but just wishes she could do it every day. >> at least today i can do good. at least today. there must be service. >> last year was the first for the event and they served 300 people. and this year 600 people.
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time to go for the coat drive and go through are closet. you can drive off items at four different locations san francisco ferry building, broadway plaza and bay street and san jose. familiar faces from right here at ktvu will be on hand and will kick off the campaign on mornings at 2. more than 100 cars involved in a highway pileup and what investigators think happened. rain returns. and how folks in
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afghanistan celebrated thanksgiving. two people were kill more than 80 injured in this massive pileup in texas. this is i-10. one hundred vehicles were involved. it happened around 9:30 this morning and the interstate did not open until 8 hours later. in the middle east the ceasefire between israel and palestinians militants appears to be holding. thousands of supporters of hamas marched in the streets of gaza city celebrating the end of the conflict. the leader of hamas urged everyone to respect the truce as long as israel does and each side is claiming victory. >> the idea of invading gaza is over and will never come back again. >> we acted against the group's
10:44 pm
infrastructure and thing that have happened over the years were destroyed. israeli soldiers packed up and with drew from the border as part of the ceasefire agreement israel is easing the blockade of gaza and allowing supplies to come in. in syria, one of the last hospitals in aleppo has been bombed by government war planes. it is a field hospital where civilians could get medical help. activists said 11 fighters and a doctor and three children were on the street were killed. rebels captured a kill military base on the boardedder with iraq. in egypt, the president gave himself more power today and barred decisions from the judiciary. he negotiated a ceasefire between israel and hamas, his move is expected to increase protests for those that see him
10:45 pm
becoming more like a dictator. there was a thanksgiving spread for the servicemen and women in afghanistan in a base in kabal, not home cooking but pretty good and plenty of food and today there was also no limit on how many servings. one soldier from sallorenzo says there is a big misconception about the military presence in afghanistan. >> the nationals do care about us and they do want us here to help them. it is not just -- we are not here uninvited. after dinner, some service member worked off the extra calories and played a game that is a hybrid with football and soccer along with rugby as well. being eliminated sucks. how san francisco's own x factor says he was able to stay true to himself but walk away a winner. and temperatures are on the
10:46 pm
rise. which areas can expect 70-
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10:48 pm
degree weather tomorrow. if you watched the x factor you know they are down to 8 finalists and jason brock made his way home after being eliminated as a contestant and we caught up with him at a thanksgiving dinner with friends. >> even though i was eliminated off of the show it opened doors for me all over the world for me and that's amazing so i'm thankful for that. >> he has gained an agency and lawyer to launch his career and for now he can't sing publicly because hes under contract until the season ends. perfect weather today for thanksgiving. good news, we are going to warm thing up a little bit for
10:49 pm
friday. right now the map, no storms out there, the main cloud layer heading to the north. the current temperatures in the 50s. already dropping back in the 40s in napa and 43 degrees and santa rosa fog as well at last check. forecast headlines for tonight, fair skies and it is cool. tomorrow patchy fog and temperatures coming down for sunday. here is the overall weather picture the storm heading to the bay area. the main concern patchy dense fog around the delta but the real fog will be focused towards stockton and modesto for tomorrow. watch out, we could have clear skies at one point and then automatically instant dropoff. we will be watching out for
10:50 pm
that. high pressure strengthens. temperatures tomorrow up a little bit from today's high. that means the warmest locations in the 70s. if you are going to tahoe, sunshine and temperatures back up into the low to mid-50s. here is the cloud forecast, model showing you this high clouds and patchy fog and scattered clouds in the afternoon and temperatures on the warm side. warmest locations to reach the upper 60s to the lower 70s in gil roy and santa cruz. here is a look ahead at the five-day forecast with your weekend in view. temperatures do come down a little bit for saturday and sunday. still looking good. we will thicken up the cloud cover by monday and tuesday and beyond tuesday especially by late wednesday and thursday we could be checking rain chances but the next few days the
10:51 pm
umbrella gets a break and dry weather comes our way. new developments when it comes to who will start for the 49ers on sunday.
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10:53 pm
sports is next. in new york city some three million people watched the 86th
10:54 pm
annual macy's thanksgiving parade. about five thousand victims of superstorm sandy treated to front row seats. the weather cooperated. beautiful sunny skies and traditionally santa claus and the 8 reindeers are the final float with christmas around the corner. >> and the 49ers around the corner and more controversy. >> jim harbaugh keeps saying gobble, gobble. you can guess and name your choice but according to 49ers offensive coordinator greg norman those quarterback pronouncements are premature. roman said today they will not have a starter for sunday until they learn that alex smith gets medical clearance. despite monday night the door is still open for two players to start. this is what the top nfl players got to share.
10:55 pm
a 6 legged turkey. patriots scored 35 points in the 2nd quarter including three a tvs in a 32 second span. washington happily spent thanksgiving in dallas today. skins quarterback robert griffin iii hits another rookie aldridge robertson, a 68-yard touchdown. one of four today. the skins win in dallas, 38-31. both teams five and six. detroit loses its 9th straight thanksgiving day game. houston texans are nfl best ten and one. four different schools have won san francisco's last four turkey bowls and today lincoln defeats the defending champs. the mustangs beat mission in submission three weeks ago. 43-13 and today the mission
10:56 pm
bears and the white helmets come back. the bears have a 21-14 lead here and the mustangs score a td and then williams has a two point conversion, lincoln comes back to beat mission, 22-21. san jose bulldogs brought their undefeated record in the 70 annual big bone game at the san jose city college. the bulldogs punt and a great block here and wakes up poncho cruz and the lions beat the bulldogs for the 15th consecutive time, 55-13. the bull stays home at lincoln high. all american candidate matt core dorko led against van drexel. the point guard looks down low.
10:57 pm
pops one from long range. cal played in the direct tv classic and they trailed the bulldogs in the second half and finished the game with a 19-5 run and leading scorer, allen crab drives the score to make it 69-66. the other bet court man, justin style with a pullup, tallo has a bad shooting night to win 73- 70 and they play georgia tech and stanford lost to missouri in another basketball tournament but that's in the bahamas and that's not a bad place to lose a basketball game in the bahamas. 78 degrees and partly cloudy skies today. >> in the bahamas. >> i bet they were sweating inside of the gym. >> what do you think, cappernick or smith. >> i think capper knick or smith. >> i think it is probably going to be cappernick, they will say a long season, let's make sure alec smith is completely fixed
10:58 pm
and they do love cappernick. thanks for watching. the morning team will be here at 4:30 a.m. with more on black friday. take a look. this is a live look from news chop ter 2 over a crowded parking lot that opened an hour ago. happy shopping folks, we are always here for you, have a great night.
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